How to Add a New Family Member to a Ration Card in Assam – Complete Details here

How to Add New Family Member Ration Card in Assam – In India, ration cards are a necessary piece of paper for households. It functions as a means of accessing subsidized food and fuel as well as evidence of residency. The procedure for adding a new family member to a ration card in the state of Assam is simple and may be finished in a few quick steps.

The management and processing of all the goods, accounts, and data is handled by the state departments of food and civil supplies. We will discover more about BPL Cards in this post, together with the requirements for obtaining one.

This post will walk you through the steps involved in adding a new family member to your Assam ration card. Before we get started, it’s vital to note that you must have all of the required paperwork and information on hand.

Before you can add a new family member to your ration card in Assam, you will need the following:

  1. A photocopy of your existing ration card
  2. A passport-sized photo of the new family member
  3. Proof of identity of the new family member (such as a birth certificate, PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport)
  4. Proof of residency of the new family member (such as a utility bill or a bank statement)

Required Documents for New Ration Card

  1. Application form.
  2. Original ration card.
  3. Proof of residence.
  4. Local Certificate / Election Card / PAN / Driving license / Passport.
  5. Proof of Date of Birth (Birth Certificate/X Pass Certificate/declared/other)
  6. Surrender Certificate in original (for inclusion, if any)

Required Documents for Change of Head of Family

  1. Original Ration Card
  2. Death Certificate in case of death of Head of Family
  3. No Objection Certificate

What are the required documents for Child to Adult Conversion?

  • Original Ration Card
  • Proof of Date of Birth (Birth Certificate / X Pass Certificate / as declared / other)

Step by Step Guide to Adding a New Family Member to a Ration Card in Assam

  • Visit the Public Distribution System (PDS) or Fair Price Shop (FPS) office that is closest to you.
  • A photocopy of your current ration card and the necessary paperwork and information for the new family member should be given to the FPS or PDS officer.
  • Complete the relevant forms, and submit them with the needed paperwork and data.
  • Your request will be processed, and the FPS or PDS officer will check the data you’ve supplied.
  • A new ration card with the information for the additional family member will be sent to you after your request has been reviewed and accepted.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure that all the data you offer is correct and current. The procedure may be delayed or your request may be denied if the information is inaccurate or contains errors.
Maintaining your ration card requires adding any new family members as soon as they are born or move into the home. This will guarantee that your entire family has access to cheap food and fuel.
You can request a correction at the nearest FPS or PDS office if there are any mistakes or discrepancies in the data on your ration card.

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In Assam, adding a new family member to your ration card is an easy and quick procedure. You can quickly add a new family member to your ration card by following the instructions provided in this article and making sure you have the required paperwork on hand. Please feel free to contact the nearest FPS or PDS office if you have any queries or concerns.


How do I add someone to my APL card?

A. In order to begin the process, ration card holders should travel to one of the nearby Seva Kendras (Ration Shops) and go through the biometric authentication procedure. The applicant must visit these centres in person, as well as with any intended family members.

Who is eligible for Ration Card in Assam?

A. Families in Assam who make less than Rs. 1 lakh annually are issued PHH ration cards. They can get 5 kg per family member every month with it. People who are in poverty receive Assam BPL Ration Cards.

What is the income limit for BPL 2022 in Assam?

A. The primary requirement for obtaining a BPL Card is having a monthly income of less than Rs. 6,400 in rural regions and less than Rs. 11,850 in urban areas.

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