Assam Police Station Burnt down by Angry People Over the Death of a Boy

The Batdaraba police Station of the Nagaon district of Assam has been set on fire by the public Police Station. On May 21, the general public has become angry with the police and caused acquittal damage to Thane and the police. This situation has come after the death of a boy after his death. Batadraba Police Station is situated nearby Batadraba Than birthplace of Sri Sankardev.

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On Saturday, a house in Thane was set ablaze by the local public at the Batdaraba police station in the Nagaon district. And simultaneously attacked the police as well.

Batadaraba police station falls on Nagaon Dhing road only. Due to this, the police have come to search any vehicles while passing through this road.

Two days ago, a boy named Safikul Islam, who does business in Fish, used to take the matter from this road. So on the way, the police also searched and demanded some money, according to the sources.

And the boy had not agreed to pay the money. So for this, the police caught Safikul and took him to Police Sation and as asked continued. According to sources, the police had also lathi-charged on Safikul. And due to this Safikul’s health had deteriorated.

On the previous day, he was admitted by the police to the government hospital in Nagaon for treatment. But he died due to poor health.

On hearing the news of Safikul’s death, your family members have said this in the neighborhood. People under Thane came and attacked in Thane. And because of this, the people of Thane caused damage to the houses. Along with this, the police personnel has also been attacked, the police personnel is also injured.

All the people of the village gathered in this attack. The attack lasted for about three to four hours at the police station. And the situation of the attack was very serious. The villagers set some vehicles on fire. Along with this, many Saree case fellows were also burnt by the Karudid public.

But from the statements of the police, Had to drink alcohol and take it on the way. It is learned that the boy was arrested on the road when he was lying drunk. This is what the police told the media.

After about three hours, the Nagaon District Head, Deputy Commissioner, SP, together with a lot of Police force came together and dealt with the attack. After the attack, very good officers of the DC, SP, and Circle Officer District have been present to deal with this matter.

A group of infuriated residents assaulted the police station following the death of a neighborhood young person that was jailed by police this morning.

A multitude of tools, motorbikes, and official documents was shed to ashes in the police station where a popular fire could be doused after numerous hrs of efforts by the firemen.

The SP educated that query had been started into the event while police have collected a couple of video clip footage of the incident.

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