North Dakota Candidate Seeks to Protect His Teen from Flash Star Ezra Miller

Flash Star Ezra Miller: The moms and dads of a teen from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have asked a judge to release a limiting order against a movie star, affirming the celebrity is managing and also abusing their kid, according to a report.

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Chase Iron Eyes, an activist who unsuccessfully ran in 2016 to represent North Dakota in the U.S. Residence, and also his spouse, Sara Leaping Eagle, just recently submitted a petition against “The Flash” celebrity Ezra Miller, requesting Miller keep away from their child, 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes, according to news reports.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court is slated to review the application for a restraining order on July 12 throughout a hearing in Fort Yates. A judge has already approved a momentary safety order against Miller, according to news reports. However, officials have not had the ability to locate 29-year-old Miller as well as serve the papers to the star, Jumping Eagle said in a Facebook blog post.

” Our family members has been taking care of a problem since January 2022,” Jumping Eagle created. “We have actually tried several avenues to aid our little girl Tokata Iron Eyes. Tokata has been under the control of celebrity Ezra Miller … since at least January 2022.”

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The claims were first reported by TMZ. Various other outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, additionally have reported the tale.

Ezra Miller met Chase Iron Eyes’ family members in 2012 when Tokata Iron Eyes was 9 and also Miller was 19, according to Jumping Eagle. A YouTube video clip shows Miller checking out Rapid City, South Dakota, where the star talked to Chase Iron Eyes.

Miller involved the Standing Rock Reservation with other stars to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016. Chase and also Tokata Iron Eyes likewise protested the pipe.

Tokata Iron Eyes was 12 when the young protestor created a friendship with Miller, who was then 23, according to news reports.

Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents asserted in the application for a restraining order that Miller was “literally and also mentally abusing” and also grooming the teen, according to the Los Angeles Times. The petition likewise claimed, according to the newspaper article, Flash Star Ezra Miller was “psychologically controlling, literally intimidating and endangering the security and also welfare of Tokata Iron Eyes.”

Leaping Eagle charged Miller in a Facebook message of separating the 18-year-old and not enabling her kid to use a phone. Leaping Eagle likewise declared in the message that Miller controls Tokata Iron Eyes’ social media sites accounts.

Miller, who also has actually starred in the “Fantastic Monsters” collection and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” has actually been recognized as nonbinary, indicating they do not identify as male or female.

Tokata Iron Eyes, who also has been recognized as nonbinary, has rejected their family members’ allegations versus Miller. Tokata Iron Eyes called the cases transphobic, saying in an Instagram blog post the allegations are “based in the notion that I am somehow incapable of a systematic idea or opposing opinions to those of my own kindred stressing over my well-being.”

” I am currently familiar with the severity of emotional as well as psychological manipulation I was made to endure while in my parents’ home,” the article claimed. “I am a grown-up and also I am worthy of to really feel authority in my own body.”

Although Tokata Iron Eyes is 18, the parents are still thinking about the teen’s legal guardians under tribal court policies, Chase Iron Eyes informed the Los Angeles Times. Jumping Eagle, a pediatrician, stated in her post that she supports her youngster’s identification.

In an Instagram blog post, Tokata Iron Eyes reported quitting of Poet College, a liberal arts institution in New York state, regarding five months ago.

On social networks, Tokata Iron Eyes called their parents’ activity “outright dishonesty” as well as harmful. In an Instagram video clip, Tokata Iron Eyes ensured customers that the declarations published to the account were made by the teenager.

” No person is controlling my Instagram account,” Tokata Iron Eyes stated in the video. “I do not have a phone now out of my own individual sentence.”

The Discussion forum’s efforts by means of phone and also e-mail to interview Flash Star Ezra Miller, Tokata Iron Eyes, Chase Iron Eyes as well as Leaping Eagle were not effective.

Chase Iron Eyes, co-director and lead counsel for the Lakota People’s Law Task, is an activist for Indigenous American legal rights. He competed in the united state House of Representatives in North Dakota in 2016 however lost to incumbent Kevin Cramer.

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